Let’s Learn Japanese!

These are resources I’ve found helpful when studying Japanese. You’ll find websites, blogs, applications, YouTube channels, textbooks, and more.

Online Reading Resources
This is a very useful website for reading online. You can use this for reading in several languages including Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more! It’s very easy to use: just enter the text or URL you want to read, press Full Text/GO, and hover your mouse over the word you want to read.

Browser Extensions
(Chrome Extension)
Rikaichan (Firefox Add-On)
Rikaikun/Rikaichan is similar to PopJisyo, but you don’t need to go to another website to use it. Simply turn on the extension and hover your mouse over the words you want to read. I use this a lot for reading email, blogs, and articles.

jisho (works with romaji)
weblio (does not work with romaji)

Blogs and Useful Websites
Language, Culture, Etc.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese
Maggie Sensei
A Logical Japanese Grammar

Typing in Japanese
12 Japanese IME Tips – NihonShock

Kanji Damage

JLPT Study
Japanese Test 4 You

Reading Practice
News Web EasyNHK

Essay Help (作文)
Hinoki Project

Fun Stuff
Onomatopoeia and Sound Effects

SFX Dictionary – The Jaded Network

Kansai/Osaka Dialect

That Japanese Man Yuta
Taka-chan’s Page on Osaka! (For those who want to study the Osaka dialect)
Bilingirl Chika (Japanagos) (Her main channel is focused on English, but can also be used to study Japanese)
Learn Japanese from Zero!
Learn Japanese Beginners

Free Apps
Takoboto (Available for Android, Windows Phone, PC, and online)
Kanji Book (Windows Store)

The following materials are not free resources. If you are willing to spend money to study Japanese, I would highly recommend taking a look at these resources. I have used all of them and found them very helpful.

Textbooks and Workbooks
Beginner to Intermediate
Adventures in Japanese by Hiromi Peterson and Naomi Omizo

Genki by Eri Banno, Yutaka Ohno, Yoko Sakane, Chikako Shinagawa, and Kyoko Tokashiki (1, 2)
Workbook (1, 2)

Tobira by Mayumi Oka, Michio Tsutsui, Junko Kondo, Shoko Emori, Yoshiro Hanai, and Satoru Ishikawa (Textbook, Grammar, Kanji)

NihonShock Cheat Sheet

More resources will be added soon. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for websites and articles to add, leave a comment down below!