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Vocab          単語
 This is the food you start with at a restaurant, and usually you share it with everyone at your table. アペタイザー;前菜

entrée: The main course or main meal. An entrée salad is a large salad that you eat as the main meal. アントレ― ;主要料理;メーンコース;アントレ―サラダは主要料理としての大きいサラダ。

classic: Well-known, or something a restaurant is famous for. レストランの有名な料理;代表的な料理

server: Waiter or waitress. You can use this word with guys or girls. ウェイター;ウェイトレス;男にも、女にも使える言葉

alcoholic beverage(s): Drinks with alcohol. アルコール

non-alcoholic beverage(s): Drinks with no alcohol. Iced tea, coffee, juice, and soda are the most common. アルコールが入ってない飲み物。アイスティー、コーヒー、果汁、ジュースなどは普段。

check/bill: A piece of paper with the amount of money you need to pay for . お勘定

tipMoney you pay directly to your server. 担当のウェイターかウェイトレスに直接払うお金。

for here: 店内で食べる

to-go: お持ち帰り

Dialogue          会話
Please read the dialogues below. You can put your own words in the ___________ or underlined parts, or you can pick from the suggestions below in (parantheses).
下の会話を読んでみてください。_____と線を引いた部分に自分の言いたいことを入れてみましょう。それとも、何と言うかが分からなかったら、(A / B / C)に入れた文書を一つ選んでください。

Dialogue 1:
Hi, how are you doing tonight?
(I’m good, thanks. / Pretty good, how about you? / etc.)
Can I get you started with something to drink?
(I’ll have water, please / I’d like coffee, please / Can I have a coke? / etc.)
Alright, I’ll be right back with your drink.

Dialogue 2:
Thanks for waiting. Here’s your drink.
(Thanks / Thank you)
Are you ready to order?
(I think so / Yes / Not yet / Can I (we) have a few more minutes?
Server: What would you like? / Sure, I’ll come back in a few minutes.
Customer: ___________________________.
(I’ll have a burger, please. / I’d like the Seafood Pasta, please. / etc.)
Server: What kind of side would you like? We have soup, salad, vegetables, or French fries.
(French fries, please. / Soup, please. / Salad, please.)
Okay, thanks. I’ll be back with your food.

Dialogue 3:
How is everything? / How is everything tasting?
(It’s great! / It’s delicious! / It’s all right / It’s a new taste for me / etc.)
Server: Would you like a box for the rest of your food?
Customer: ___________________________.
(Sure / Yes, please / No, thanks / etc.)
All right. Here’s your check. Have a good rest of your night, and come back soon!

Have a good rest of your day/night. = 今日の残っている時間を楽しんでください。

Language and Cultural Notes          言語と文化ノート
① Tipping          チップ
アメリカでのチップの払い方講座! – 英トピ  (チップを悩んでいる人、この記事を読んでみてください!)
アメリカでチップをどう渡す? – 留学情報マガジン

Please tip at restaurants. It is not a requirement to tip, but it is considered rude not to tip. Tips are usually 15% of the price with tax, so if a meal is $10.00 plus 8% tax, your total will be $10.80, and you should tip at least $1.62.If the service was wonderful, you can tip more than 15%, or if it was terrible, you don’t have to tip. You tip when you pay, either at the register or at the table, depending on the restaurant. If you pay with card, you write your tip on the receipt. If you pay with cash, you leave your tip on the table, or put it in the tip jar at the register.


② Juice & ジュース
日本語のジュースはコーラなど、果汁だが、英語のジュースは果汁だけです!コーラなどを注文する場合には、飲み物の名前か、soda (ソーダ)を言ってください!
コーラはジュースじゃない?! – English Hacker

食べ残しのお持ち帰りのボックス。 “Can I get a box?” Boxは一番普通の表現です。多分、教科書はdoggy bagが書いてありますが、doggy bagはあまり使いません。

④ ウェイターが何回もテーブルに戻って来るから、大きい声で呼ばないでください。正しい呼び方を知りたい人は下のブログを読んでみてください。
ウェイターをスムーズに呼ぶ – Ameba



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