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English Travel Vocabulary: Planning a Trip (英語字幕あり・日本語字幕なし)
-単語:booking/reservation; rent/hire; baggage (check-in, carry on); boarding (pass, time, gate); visa (transit); currency; vaccination/inoculation; itinerary (excursion); declare (customs)
Check-in baggageは普段にchecked baggage、 checked bags、またはchecked luggageと言います。意味は同じです。
Itinerary の代わりにscheduleと言う人もいます。

Learn English – Travel Vocabulary(英語字幕あり・日本語字幕なし)
-単語:travel documents, boarding pass, luggage, carry-on, vacation, visit, holiday, flight, trip, travel, tourist trap, currency, exchange rate, sightseeing, tourist attraction.

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