Questions from Students

I’ve been to all of my schools at least once and finished almost all of my self-introductions. When there’s time during class, students will ask me questions they have in either English or Japanese. These are the most common and/or memorable things they’ve asked or said.

• What do you think of Trump?
• Do you prefer Trump or Clinton?
• What do you think of North Korea?

• Why do you like Pokémon?
• What Pokémon do you not like?
• Why do you like Gengar?
• Is Gengar your boyfriend?
• Do you like Mimikyu?

• Are you a gamer?
• What consoles do you have? (Everyone freaked out when I said PS4.)
• Do you have the Nintendo Switch?
• What games do you like?

• What anime do you like?
• Which stand do you like? Star Platinum or The World?
• Who is your favorite Jojo character?
• Do you like Dio?

• Are there a lot of good-looking guys in America?
• Have you ever had a boyfriend?
• Are you married?
• Please marry me. (This was from a female student.)
• What kind of guy is your type?
• Do you like guys or girls?
• Out of all the boys in this class, who is the cutest? (This is one of few questions I won’t answer.)
• What do you think of [male teacher’s name here]?
Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: No.
Q: Really???
A: Really.

Q: Please go out with [male teacher].
A: That’s not a question!

• What’s your favorite Japanese word?
• What’s your favorite kanji?
• Who is your favorite Japanese comedian?

• What is a good point about America?
• Is it safe in America?

Personal Life:
Q: Where do you live?
A: That’s a secret.
Q: What’s your phone number?
A: That’s a secret.
Q: Please tell me!
A: That’s not a question!

Oddly Specific:
• Have you ever rented a movie and then found out that it was airing on TV the same day?
• Is your house clean?
• Which airport did you land at?

Q: What was the first thing you ate in Japan?
A: Subway!

• What is your favorite Japanese song?
• Your hair is the same color as these meatballs! It’s cute! (This was during lunch when we had meatballs and ketchup.)
• Do you know who I am?
This was on the first day of class. Everyone laughed when I looked down at the seating chart.
• Do you like Michael Jackson?
I said yes and he did a Michael Jackson dance for everyone.

Q: Let’s play soccer!
A: That’s not a question!

Q: Do you like me?
A: You’re very enthusiastic, so yes, I like you!
The class went crazy when I said this.

Q: Who is your favorite Japanese idol?
I answered, not realizing that my favorite idol’s name is almost the exact same as my JTE‘s name. The class started laughing at me and pointed at their teacher.
A: No! Not your teacher! The guy in Hey! Say! JUMP!

I hope everyone back home is doing well! I may post my self-introduction here for you guys to read.

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